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Excel in VEE Questions

Question asked by barriose on Feb 22, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by Udaybn

I have a couple of questions regarding the use of Excel with VEE.

1) I am sending data to cells in Excel with Visible=TRUE to monitor the values as the data is being taken. However, when I click on another Excel tab that was previously opened, cell data gets overwritten with values that should be going in to the workbook VEE is using. How can I stop this? I would like to view/make changes to a workbook while VEE sends data to separate workbook without having the data overwritten and still have the option of clicking on the Excel tab VEE is using to once look at the values VEE is sending.

2) I am using the DATATOCELL Excel user object to designate what cell VEE sends the data to. However, I am limited by CELLS input syntax (i.e. A1) for row and column. Is there a way of specifically choosing a row and column number instead of the column being a letter. I have created an algorithm that maps a number to a letter then I concatenate that to the row number to input into DATATOCELL. Is there a simpler way for this? My current method is tedious and not very useful when I need a large number of columns to map to.

Thanks for the help. Any advice is appreciated.