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8753B specification question

Question asked by Pulse.Analyzer on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2008 by Pulse.Analyzer
There appears to be a conflict with a specification however I don't have a full copy of where I believe the mistake is and do not know what serial range it covers or even a pub number.

What do you show as the specification for trace noise (magnitude) from 3GHz to 6GHz? In a pub ending in 138 (At home but its online) the specification is CW sweep with -10 dB input .006 dB. This applies to units made in 1986 to 1988 I believe or 2601A to 2852A.

Somebody was arguing with me over some specs they were faxed from 1994 saying it is .005 dB. Problem is that I cannot acheive -10 dB input to A and B with the method they chose to write the procedure to. I can only get < .006 with the power level I can acheive. I'm pretty sure the method is kinda right but HP never published a method to check this specification which was originally in some manual not marked with S-1 (warranted)