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Yellow "?" in Instrument-Manager and testexec-action

Question asked by OnlyOne on Feb 23, 2011
1. on the right side is the window with the instruments called "instrument manager" in title.

Now i added there an TCPIP-instrument with adress TCPIP0::
When creating a direct-io then i can use it normally.
BUT when i rightclick and select "Configure Drivers" then i get as result "No interface or instrument found to send query to".
This is displayed with a blue background at the bottom of the Vee-window.

So how can i remove this yellow "?" ?
When i query in a direct-io with *IDN? then it works ... so the IP is correct.

2. The reason why i ask is that i suddenly have problems to call vee-functions to this instrument in Agilent Testexec SL.

There Testexec shows the error:
HP VEE: Remote Service, D:\%PATH%\%FILE% , on host, localhost reports error: Error: 801  Configuration error:  Driver for "XXXXXX" not found
... while loading action %FUNCTION-NAME% from library D:\%PATH%\%FILE%.vee.
... during Pre/Postrun of Call to %FUNCTION-NAME%.
... during Pre/Postrun of Test %FUNCTION-NAME%.

%PATH% and %FILE% is the path/file of the vee-library where the function is saved.
XXXXXX is the name of the instrument in the instrument-manager
%FUNCTION-NAME% is the name of the function in vee.

The thing is that the actions used to work. So perhaps it will be solved when i can remove the yellow ? in vee...

3. I tested the same action and vee-library on another computer and there its working.
The only difference is that they have different vee-versions:
Not working with: 9.21.14415.0 (Dec 15, 2010)
Working:             9.2.13522.0 (Mar 22, 2010)

Also: When i select on the "Working PC" the instrument-manager + configure drivers then it comes up with "Send *IDN? to ....." There i click on OK and after this the yellow ? changes to a green icon.
So there seems something to be damaged on the not working PC or there is a problem with the last vee-update?

Thanks for any ideas