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my project dead line is so near..plz help me out.

Question asked by abdulk084 on Sep 2, 2012
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respected ALL...
im new to ADS and my supervisor has given to a simple task and if i am not able to do that task,he said that i will b on hard plz u guys help me out..i shall be so thankful to you,my task dead line is also near.

i have made a "RF RESISTIVE POWER COMBINER" in ADS .i have attached the schamtic.
FOUR input powers each having power of 10dbm having diffrent frequencies are actually combined into ONE output .now i want to see that what is the total output power from all these input powers? i have just to sum the power at the output.the output power will have band of input frequencies but i am not concernd with the band of frequecies,i have just to show that when all these 10dbm input powers( having slightly diffrent frequencies) are combined using the simplest "RESISTIVE 4 WAY POWER COMBINOR"  ..what will be the total OUTPUT power.???how to show this output POWER in graph.i want to show this output power in dbm many dbm the ouput power is?????is there any utility in ADS to show me the power at any point in the circuit regardless of frequency.....?????