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Using compiled library in VEE

Question asked by sergio on Jan 19, 2012
Agilent VEE 9.3 is being used.

I wrote a few C functions and built a dll library using VS 2010 cl compiler. Actually I followed the instructions from VEE Help.
I created a VEE function where imported(Import Library) the compiled library into VEE and called all functions from the library.
Execution worked correctly. Deletion(Delete Library object) of this library worked fine too.

When I rerun this VEE function again I had feeling that the library is still pre-loaded, even though VEE import object was called again.
The second time execution did not work as it had worked first time before.
For me library resources had not been completely released when Delete Library object was called in the previous execution.

Have anybody had the similar experience with this kind of problem before?