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Installing GPIB Card into HP 5343A

Question asked by SOLT_guy on Oct 22, 2012
Dear Sir:

      I own a HP5343A frequency counter with OPTION 1:  High Stability Time Base.

      I want to install OPTION 11:  HP-1B GPIB card 

      I read the installation procedure on page 2-5 of the manual.   I tried to upload a copy of the manual for your convenience, however , this new website set up makes this task impossible.  The website returned a message to me, telling me that the manual was too large too upload.  The way the old website was set up was much better, uploading a large manual was possible.  If you want to verify the quote I have posted below you can input the model number into the Agilent search engine to obtain a copy of the manual (the manual is the "operating and service manual").   The quote below attempts to explain how to install the GPIB option.

      Section 2-31(c) states:

      "If the 5343A is equipped with Option 001 Oscillator,  remove oscillator assembly by removing two attaching screws from the A22 motherboard"

        As you read on further in the manual, you will see that the manual never mentions re-connecting the option 1.

       Can you tell me if there was an omission in the manual?  Can you ask a tech if he had to reconnect option 1 - the instruction above was mentioned to ease a cable input into a connector on the PCB for option 11.   In other words, Option 1 and Option 11 are not electrically related.    

         Or are these two options mutually exclusive (I would think to myself, probably not, however I do require a definitive yes or no answer, just to be certain)?

         Can you please reply with a definitive answer?

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