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NFx Calibration Crash FW 9.80.03

Question asked by Spacecase69 on Sep 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by Spacecase69
FW 9.80.03 is crashing to windows during NFx calibrations immediately after finishing the Source Power Cal sweep. I have tried two different calibrations, both calibrations had similar settings but were set up from scratch. The last crash happened Friday night, I plan to try again with different settings on Monday (definitely with fewer points, each calibration took around 20 minutes on FW 9.50.13) to determine what is causing the crash. The reason for the slow calibrations is the DUT input is at -50 dBm and has around 55 dB of Gain. I can't send state file, as system is in a secure environment. 

Also, the Help file Index Tab order is corrupt and the Search Tab does not work at all (the .chm file download , will check PNA-X help file Monday). Many of the Topics do not go to the correct location. Also, the last modified dates are incorrect on many pages, even the What's New still states 9/28/06 (both .chm and web site), this makes it difficult to tell what really changed.