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Can HP 11866A APC-7 cal kit be used at high frequency if load was changed?

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by drkirkby
The old 11866A APC-7 calibration kit is only rated to 2 GHz. I'm wondering if this coud be used at a higher frequency if the HP 909C 2 GHz load
Maximum SWR at 2 GHz, APC-7: 1.005

was replaced by something better such as the 909A 18 Ghz load
Maximum SWR at 4 GHz, 1.05 
Maximum SWR at 12.4 GHz: 1.11 
Maximum SWR at 18 GHz, 1.25 

or the higher precision 909F
Maximum SWR at 5 GHz, APC-7: 1.005
Maximum SWR at 6 GHz, APC-7: 1.01
Maximum SWR at 18 GHz, APC-7: 1.15

The only semi-decent calibration kits I own are a 9 GHz 3.5 mm  85033E, and a 6 GHz N kit. I have  adapters from both N and 3.5 mm to APC-7. I do *not* have any decent APC-7 calibration kit. 

I'm wondering what (if anything) I coud do to improve the usefulness of this 11866A  2 GHz APC-7 calibration kit, which I bought quite cheaply, The 11866A  is *not* in the firmware of my 8720D, and I don't see any information about offsets, capacitance values or inductance values in the very short manual on the 11866A. 

Perhaps it's me, but APC seems quite simple, in that I would expect the offset to the short to be zero. 

I'm waiting for delivery of Dr_joel's book

"Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements: with Advanced VNA Techniques" by Joel P. Dunsmore

which has information on making one's own calibration kits.