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Older UNIX based VEE versions (SPARC/HP-PA)....

Question asked by baigar on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2011 by baigar
Dear VEE-Users,

I just joined the VEE forum because I saw, that here are some older postings
regarding VEE running on UNIX. My reason for this posting is, that I got three
valid original licenses and media for VEE 5.01 for Windows from a lab shut down
and I am using one of these licenses on a notebook with a PCMCIA-GPIB card
for a hobby project on vintage computing.
But instead of running the software on Windows I'd highly prefer running it on
UNIX, i.e. the Solaris2.6/SPARC workstation I am using for my project or on
my Tadpole PrecisionBook which essentially is a HP-PA 700 series workstation
running HP-UX 10.20. Unfortunately my media do not contain the UNIX binaries,
but perhaps anyone here can help me with my question: Even if I am able to
get hands on UNIX media (i.e. latest version with Solaris support (3.21) or
the latest HP-PA version (5.01)), can I use my Windows licenses (which
consist of a number) or will I need some other license or key file for the UNIX

Is there any chance that these old UNIX distributions can be obtained some-

Many thanks and best regards,