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input terminal @ direct I/O

Question asked by chan_thx on Jan 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by PingWei
I am using VEE pro to control SMU U2722A voltage. I use I/O direct to communicate with SMU. When i key-in the codes in I/O direct.
a)write text "volt 15, (@1)" --> The SMU can output the value at channel 1
Since we need to use GUI for easier usage, so i decided to put input terminal to I/O direct so i can vary the voltage using "text constant/ real 64". so the command i put is as below
b)write text "volt"+ volt_1+",(@1)" -->volt_1 is the variable. the SMU only outputs 1.098V even values change at volt_1 variable.
I have check the loop, and every time it loops the variable value "volt_1" is been updated. i have tried other method code
c) write text "volt volt_1,(@1)"--> gives out the same results 1.098V.

Hope anyone can help me on this. Thank You