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vrf RS-232 interface Modbus RTU protocal - For Dianbo Le

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 23, 2007

Hi all,
We have;
E1421A VXI MainFrame
E8491B firewire
E1411B DMM
E1476A multiplexer

We use VEE 7.5 and IO libraries 14.2 for programming. and we have downloaded VXI plug and play driver. We can use every command from VXI PnP except "MEAS, CONF, commands. When we try to use them VEE gives following error.

Error number:815
an error occured while calling the driver in transaction n

I have downloaded users manuals and I use online help but I couldn't find solutions for that error.

Could you please help me? could you please send me a sample measurements program?


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