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vrf Programming Manual - Marconi 2965 Communications Test Set

Question asked by steen.rudberg.1 on Dec 18, 2007
Hi Gary
Try "The Boat Anchor Manual Archive"


From: Voltz, Gary []
Sent: 18. december 2007 00:58
Subject: [vrf] Programming Manual - Marconi 2965 Communications Test Set

To all VRFers,


I know it’s probably not a good time of year to ask, but here goes anyway.


We have two Marconi 2965’s which we calibrate each year.  I’ve automated the process for their predecessor the 2955, 2955A, 2955B, and 2955R and for their successor the 2945, 2945A and more recently the 2945B, and I would now like to automate the 2965.


Does anyone have the GPIB programming Manual, or know where I can find one?  I’ve got hold of a copy of the MI-BASIC manual, and the syntax is different to the GPIB.


So far I’ve worked out that “AFGEN1 LEVEL 1 V” from MI-BASIC can be changed to “AFGEN1:LEVEL 1 V” for the GPIB, so it appears as if at least early SCPI is involved.  I’ve worked out a few more commands, but I’m sure there are a lot more to be had.  

e.g. “TEST RX” puts it into Receiver Test Mode and “TEST TX” puts it into Transmitter Test Mode


Anyway, Seasons greetings, and thanks in advance.





Gary Voltz

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