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Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 7, 2008
Hello all,
I can't figure out how to control the size of a Statusbar control properly at runtime.  I can set the height of the control, but the width remains unchanged (when I read it back and visually) whether I set it using
Statusbar.width or
Statusbar.size   or
MSDN has this statement in the documentation:
Because the Size class is a value type (Structure in Visual Basic, struct in Visual C#), it is returned by value, meaning accessing the property returns a copy of the size of the control. So, adjusting the HYPERLINK ""Width or HYPERLINK ""Height properties of the Size returned from this property will not affect the HYPERLINK ""Width or HYPERLINK ""Height of the control. To adjust the Width or Height of the control, you must set the control's Width or Height property, or set the Size property with a new Size.
Which is clear as mud to me (isn't that what I'm doing?).  Can anybody shed some light on this?
BTW, I have the same issue with the RichTextBox, though it actually returns the height and width as set, but the box hasn't changed it's size visually.
Best regards

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