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vrf Photo Flash Intensity

Question asked by charles.stewart on May 22, 2008
Id like to thank everybody for there responses on this topic yesterday.
It has given me direction and a lot of cool things to think about. (I had a feeling flash meters weren't straight forward). Also pointed me in the direction of some new and totally cool equipment.

Thanks once again to all



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>To: Stewart Charles (Vertu/ChurchCrookham)
>Subject: Re: [vrf] Photo Flash Intensity
>Good morning Charles,  I do not fully understand the task that you are
>trying to solve.  Will the flash tube be placed in an integrating
>sphere or other such contrivance to capture all the emitted light?  Or
>are you trying to capture the photons from a more focused, defined
>region?  I have not kept up with optics for some time now but I suspect
>that even though many flash lamps are pretty long duration emitters, a
>photo-cell may be a bit on the slow side.
>for photo-diodes is pretty straight forward in zero or reverse bias so
>I tend to use them this way for optical measurements.
>I think I would just use a photo-diode, a good fast trans-impedance
>amplifier, and a fast digitizing scope.  You can calculate area under
>the curve, peak amplitude, and the various timing bits as needed. 
>Maybe a good application of the Matlab code in VEE.  I tend to save the
>data on a computer and then use octave to do the analysis.
>Of course I do not know the end result that you are after so the above
>may or may not be relevant.  Do you need to be concerned with spectral
>response issues?
>What are the accuracy requirements on the measurements in time and
>Talk to you later.  Ron.

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