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vrf Rant

Question asked by alex.barrett on Feb 7, 2008

Whilst poeple are having their two penneth worth...

No major gripes as I'm not really a softie, and VEE is a geat application that lets me do things I wouldn't normally be able to do. (speaking as a hardware engineer)

We must rememeber that VEE is just that though - an APP. There is too much pressure to make VEE into a fully functional programming language, and realistically it isn't ever going to be one. However the push to make VEE more available to hard core programmers is removing the beauty of it for those of us that aren't.  The only thing i would plead for is that VEE returns to it's roots and does what it does best.

oh, and whilst we're on the subject...

when you click on Globals on in the function explorer, why doesn't the scroll bar update?? grrr... (and this has done this since what? - V5??!!) ..and when you put a minimised display object on the panel it appears minised!! - has anyone in the history of VEE ever wanted to put a minimised XY chart or alphanumeric on their panel?!?!! (await replies on this for the army of responses that I've been missing)

that;s about it though..

(perhaps it would be nice for formula boxes to output as each line is executed, rather that the whole object, but hey I can sleep at night for that one)


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