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vrf vee pro file write

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 11, 2008

i need a technical help in vee pro.
1.i am reading data from e4401b that 401 points and the time  stamp from tha analyzer.
where as the 401 points are in an array and the time satmp in string format .... and i want to write the data in 2d array with tab delimited format..
for eexample
+12+23+44(t1)   +12+23+45(t2)    t3          t4      t5
-12(1 st point) (1 st point )
-46              .
-67              .
-46              .
-345             .
-65              .
-34(401 point)   (401 point)
like that i want to write the data .....

2. i want to start the application at and i want to stop at
     when i am stating the application before 4 am it should wait till 4,
     it automatically stop at 10 am....

waiting for your reply


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