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Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 15, 2007


Need some help on gaining a better understanding of the Ethernet capability in VEE. One of our next generation products is changing from RS232 to Ethernet communication. The communication packet data is custom and in Labview from a previous life we either wrote a custom DLL or developed a packet generating module. I’m trying to make an assessment of what needs to be done in VEE with respect to developing or modifying an existing program to support Ethernet communication.


The things I can think of that are needed are as follows…

1.       DLL to build, send the communication packet and receive ACK back.

2.       Assuming the Ethernet protocol structure is supported in VEE.

3.       ???


Would deeply appreciate any insight or knowledge VRF would be willing to share…


Thanks in advance for the support,

Clifton Drew

Senior Test Engineer

WhereNet Corporation

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