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vrf Fw: USB to CAN trouble

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 9, 2008

I sent the below message out last Friday, which seems to usually be a slow VRF day.  I didn't get any response, but am still having trouble.  This is a re-send, in case someone with some helpful knowledge missed it the first time.


----- Forwarded by Thomas E Daniels/The Morey Corporation on 04/09/2008
02:11 PM -----
             Thomas E                                                     
             Daniels/The Morey                                            
             Corporation                                                To
                                       VRF <>              
             04/04/2008 08:26                                           cc
                                       USB to CAN                         


I'm in a hurry to get a Systec (also called SysWorkxx) USB to CAN adapter working with VEE.  I just started trying it out yesterday and have it working through their demo utility, but not with VEE yet.  Has anyone used one of these, that has a sample code snippet that they could share with me?

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Tom Daniels
Sr. Test Engineer
The Morey Corporation
100 Morey Drive
Woodridge, IL 60517
T: (630) 754-2256
F: (630) 754-2656

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