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PNA-X CW frequency

Question asked by psimon on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by Dr_joel

To study the fading characteristics of the propagation channel on BAN,
we use the Agilent's PNA-X to measure the S-parameters of the antennas.
The first step is of the measurement is to measure the S-parameters under
narrowband. To make measurement under narrowband propagation. We
select the CW time sweeping mode of the PNA-X.

We are interested to study the stochastic property of the S-matrix. In
other words, we are interested to calculate the first and the second moment
of the entries in S:

E[Sij ] and E[SijSmn]
where i; j; m; n  [1; 2; 3; 4]
In order to have an effective observation of the above stochastic process.
It is desired that the S-matrix can be measured all together over every sweep

However, the PNA-X works in the following way for measuring
the S-matrix over time

- The instrument record S11 over time with the preset sweep points which
is given in the following:
S11(1); S11(2); S11(3) : : : S11(20000)
- The instrument jump to the next S-parameter

As a result, the actual measuring order for the S-parameteres over time is :

S11(1)...S11(n)S12(1)...S12(n)...S44(n)  Where n is the number of sweep points.

Please could you help me to measue all the Smatrix over every sweep points ?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards