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vrf Setting a new timeout is working but not displayed in instrument-manager

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 5, 2008
i´m using Windows XP SP3, Vee 8.5 and IO-Libs 15.0.
Now i have functions which sends command to an instrument and read data back. For this i have to change the timeout of the instrument which is connected via LAN to my computer.
This can be done manually in Vee-intsrument-manager by clicking on advanced-button of the instrument.
Or the timeout can be changed with command "IO.myinstr.timeout = value"
I created a small sub-function which first reads the current timeout (currTimeout = IO.myinstr.timeout) before setting a new timeout.
Input: NewTimout (int32)
Output: OldTimeout(int32)
Then i call this sub-function twice in the mainprogram
1.) call timeout(in: 60, out: 5)
2.) Send & read from instrument
3.) call timeout (in: 5, out: 60)
The output from the first call is wired to the input of the second-timeout-call.
The set and read of the timeout works great, the only problem is, that when i open the intrument-manager that there is then the 60 displayed and not the 5 in the timeout field.
Does someone know why this is not updated?
Also interesting is, when i change the value manually back to 5 and click on save in the instrument-manager and run my program again then i get the error-message that the instrument "myinstr" is not known in the instrument-manager. When i run again, then it works. Looks like saving the instrument-manager makes the instruments  being invisible.
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