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vrf USB to Serial devices -- FTDI modules work best

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 23, 2008
As most of you know by now I am the sort of person who develops odd looking gadgets, and applies to them the methods that VEE does best when it comes to applying tests and measuring parameters.

To this end I obtained one of the FTDI RS232 enabled output devices, actually the chip doesn't contain the driver/receiver combination that we see on those systems who still wear normal RS232 ports, rather it produces straight TTL/CMOS levels and its up to the designer to provide those devices. It does however provide the basic pins found on the DB9 style connector typified by the PC/AT during its heyday, and now normally used by all systems that still use them.

I have discovered from testing during the past few days that this device has drastically reduced my problems from many around wiring the proper port to talk to the one on the computer, to just creating the gadget to talk to the FTDI device.

Ideally for those of us who need a proper USB to Serial conversion device, the best to obtain is one from the FTDI website, it contains everything that VEE would need to properly communicate with the instruments we would use who contain that style connector.
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