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Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 14, 2008
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Hi Kathy,
Sure can, no rocket science this. Import library works on 7.5 but errors on 6.03.

Ah, rocket science.  I was busy with both work and Christmas and am just now catching up on the Reflector postings.
About six years ago I was working on a smart card application for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District.  One day while working at a station with my head down in a fare gate a patron leaned over and said he always wanted to know what was inside of these things.  I was ready to stand up and stretch so I gave him the two minute tour.  He wanted to know how I got into this business so I explained about twenty-five years of automatic test equipment involving airplanes, missiles, spacecraft parts, and various other electronic items, adding that my wife called me a rocket scientest.
My curious guest skoffed and said that this was not rocket science; that was easy and anyone could do it.  No, this was rocket engineering and was a lot more difficult.  He left and I started thinking about what he said.  Rocket science is lighting the bottom and watching the top go up.  Rocket engineering is more involved.  Consider mass, force, temperature, fuel, chemistry, mechanics, materials, aerodymanics, electronics, and of course, software, guidance, computational rates, data reporting, accuracy, precision, digitizing, sensors, telemetry, etc.
Anyone want to continue?
Robert Reavis
Warm Springs Computer Works

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