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Time Gating precedence vs. Electrical Delay

Question asked by antennas4space on Dec 14, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2007 by Dr_joel
Time gating is apparently implemented before electrical delay in precedence. That is, the gating specifications are not wrt the time shown on the axis after an electrical delay has been specified.

This is problematic for waveguide, since if you have a non-waveguide calibration, and add waveguide, I can normally clean up the transform by compensating for the waveguide dispersion in electrical delay, knowing the cutoff frequency.

However, when you try to gate the electrically delayed data, the times you have to use are the original un-delayed values. Besides just an offset, this now causes an issue in that the data being gated is actually smeared across other times, if you can imagine since the time gating operation is before the electrical delay operation, and given the dispersion.

First, let me know if I am explaining this sufficiently; and, if so, can the order of this be changed so that I can gate the electrically delayed data? (As opposed to electrically delaying gated data.)