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Question asked by abdulk084 on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by alex_62
i came across another problem..actually i have to simulate the power amplifier given in the NXP application note .i have attched the schamtic given by in the schamtic you see there are two types of baluns used .
one balun in input which is T1 and other two baluns in parallal T2,T3 i found the model for T1 input balun which is shown in another attached picture that is balun 1..but i can not find any model for the balun T2,T3..
actually in balun 1,one of the four lines is grounded...this is from unbalanced but T2,3 ,no wire is grounded.
also it must be ferrite core coxial .
so plz guide me how to find models for T2,3 .and also i have attched ADS schamtic pic which i have got from inernet,this is not actually made by me,i have just uplodd it for help and i also got it from internet.its actually for refernce..almost i have to make same schamtic in ADS ,actually i have to use the both balus used in ADS schamtic picture i have uploadded..
also how to give paramets accordingly .eg if have to do 4:1 coax balun having some length and 50 or 25 first help me how to find it in ADS and then how to give parameters accordingly like (4:1,55mm,50 etc).
i am using ADS2008...