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E8267D ARB Reconstruction filter

Question asked by arte on Oct 19, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by tabbott
My group is using an E8267D with Option 2 for various applications on our project.  One application was to generate bandlimited noise of a special type that prevents us from using the built-in noise application.  To do this, we have been generating the noise file in Matlab and downloading it to the ARB.  To change the bandwidth, we simply changed the sample rate.  This apparently takes advantage of the ARB's internal reconstruction filter, since the noise bandwidth changes by a factor of two for each factor of two change in sample rate.  This served us well for a symmetrical noise spectrum.  However, now, I need to generate a more arbitrary noise spectrum with gaps in the middle.  Since I need the skirts of the noise to be the same, I would like to know some details of the reconstruction filter, assuming I was correct that the reconstruction filter was responsible for the skirts of the noise generated by the ARB. 

Could anyone tell me the FIR filter order for the reconstruction filter?  How about the coefficients?