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generate single carrier using vsg 2920 and vsa 2820

Question asked by walidjer on Nov 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2010 by tabbott
Actually I'm using Vector signal generator 2920 and Vector signal analyzer 2820 along with signalmeister software, I want to generate single  carrier signal (PSK) using my program which I simulate in matlab, first I loade it to IQ import then convert it to arb file then send it VSG 2920,I'm adjusting the sample rate in IQ import as I have in my matlab program ,lets say I'm using pulse shaping filter (RRC) with oversamling=5MHZ,so i'm adjusting the sample rate in IQ import to 5MHZ but I have aproblem.
The problem is ,I'm not getting the right bandwidth which supposed to be 2*(1+alpha/2*Ts),I don't know why????
I guess my procedure is right ,and my propram in matlab run succesfully,do you have any idea behind this wrong bandwidth?