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Question asked by subu on Sep 10, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by subu

I am trying to control e4980a LCR meter using VEE. I have to send a series of commands (about 200) to the instrument. I used the OPC bit of the status byte and tried a serial poll before continuing,but it some how seems to still send more commands to the instrument in quick succession. Now, I also tried using another register which is specific to the operation Im trying to perform but the error is still there. I am effectively doing this:

:STAT:OPER:ENAB  //   earlier I used *ESE 1 i.e. the operation complete bit

for loop

        :CORR:SPOTn:SHOR  -- this is the command im trying to execute
                                  //earlier I had a *OPC also included here
        Serial poll 32       //earlier i masked 128

end loop

the loop execute about 50 times but only 10 cycles of operations have been performed and then the error pops up. The program stops but the instrument continues to make further measurements.