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MSO9254A values mismatch between OSC and imported data with MATLAB

Question asked by guillermo_bcn on Feb 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by algoss
HI there,

I'm interfacing a MSO9254 with matlab 2010b using SCPI commands and I read estrange values for OSC configuration parametres.
I receive DataRaw correct but when reading: +preambleBlock = query(visaObj,':WAVEFORM:PREAMBLE?');+
I gate strange values for Time/div, Volt/div, OrigenX,...
I see on my *OSC Volt/div = 50.0 mV* and in *matlab 0.053957427200000 Volt/div*
Also *OSC Time/div = 10ns* and in *matlab = 1.001000000000000e-08*

It could be that the real values are the ones read by matlab, and the ones shown at the scope are approximations?
If thats correct, is there some where on the scope where I could see real values?
I'm working on High energy Physics so 3mV/div error is important.