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16700 "A"/"B" CPU Board Interchangability

Question asked by markjmatthews on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by sferguson0
Does anyone know if the CPU assemblies (A10 I believe in the service manual) are interchangeable between the 16700A,16702A and the 16700B, 16702B?

I basically have a 16702B with a busted CPU board and I'm looking for a cheap replacement, and the cheaper buys are usually in the "A" line.

They have different part numbers in their respective service manuals, but basically the boards _look_ almost exactly the same, apart from few slight changes (Some great photos at The only significant change seems to be that the "A" line had an RJ45 jack installed for the on-board 10Mbps ethernet, while the "B" line didn't have the RJ45 jack installed so that the 100Mbps ethernet daughterboard would fit.

I'm guessing that I can substitute in an "A" series board and it should work fine (but with the slower ethernet) as they both have the same CPU (A 150Mhz PA-7300LC). 

Any experience or knowledge of this realm though is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


P.S. If you're curious to see a full description of my CPU board diagnosis, see