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34970 DAQ + BenchLink - way to log alarms from cont. channel monitoring?

Question asked by gdpaul on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2012 by lhornburg
We've been using the 34970 DAQ, 34901A interface and BenchLink 3 software to test some of our equipment. The unit under test is vibrated, and circuit contunuity data is logged. The problem we're having is that even when scanning at 1 second intervals, we miss some of the alarms. If a trace or wire is slightly lose, circuit break may only last a fraction of a second. Is there a way to monitor a channel all the time, as well as log an alarm on said channel once a circuit break occurs? So far I've found a way to continuously monitor the one channel, but not how to log alarms on it if the circuit break occurs outside the scan time.