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problem in GPIB for 8510A network analyzer

Question asked by yasamin on Dec 10, 2012
I downloaded Plug and Play (project-style) driver for Agilent 8510C network analyzer. The rack has following addresses:
8510 HP-IB address: 16
System bus address: 17
Source HP-IB address: 19
Test set HP-IB address: 20
Plotter HP-IB address: 5 
Printer HP-IB address: 1
The rack includes 8510A processor, RF source, Test set and plotter. There is a GPIB port upon the plotter that connects 3 GPIB port of 8510A processor, RF source, and Test set. I connect the GPIB port of PC to this GPIB port. The rack gives me an error: "CAUTION: SYSTEM BUS ADDRESS ERROR".
My LabView Plug and Play (project-style) driver cannot detect any address on bus. 
I tried by IO Libraries Suite Agilent, but it could not detect them.
Is there some problem in the interface connection of GPIB ports of 3 modules in the rack or am I missing something? I would really appreciate any help. 
Thank you
Yasamin Gharib