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Max number of mixed active probe types?

Question asked by MarkL on Nov 27, 2012

On an MSOX3104, we have a number of older Tek active probes we're using via N2744A adapters, and we're looking at purchasing some Agilent active probes to use at the same time.

There is a table in the 3000X user manual (pg. 336) which specifies how many of each Agilent probe type the scope can power, and for Tek probes it says the number "depends on which probe".

This table is not helpful since we're looking to have a mix of Tek and Agilent, and it might not even all be the same type of Agilent probe. Plus we'd like to add a third N2744A (we use two now).

So, my question...

Is there any documentation on how much power each probe type requires for both Agilent and the supported Tek probes, and also how much power the X3104 can provide?

And what does the X3104 do if you plug in too much and you're over the probe power budget?