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Power Loss Anomaly???

Question asked by AaronChing on Feb 22, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2007 by AaronChing
Last week while using a E8364B to calibrate a passive attenuator set, I noticed a intermittent power loss anomaly on all S-parameters between 1 - 3 GHz. Assuming that it was lose connection, I retighten all my connections and re-calibrated a number of times. The loss was still present. While troubleshooting with other technicians and engineers we came to the conclusion that we had a bad cable (running all s - parameters simultaneously holding and flexing the cable the anomaly would get larger and some times completely go away). This problem continued into the next day. This week while trying to demonstrate what a bad cable display would look like, I was unable to replicate the problem.  Has any one ever encountered this type of response?