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ADS Ptolemy and MATLAB 2012b

Question asked by john82 on Feb 13, 2013

I am experiencing a problem by the interaction of ADS (ver. 2011_10) Ptolemy and MATLAB 2012b. On the official ADS guide I have read that should be enought to set up MATLAB by digiting the command "matlab /regserver" inside the windows terminal. After this the simulation should be able to run without particular problems.
I have tried to run one of the examples contained inside the ADS Folder (ADS2011_10/esamples/DSP/MATLABLink_wrk.7zap), but I get stuck into some kind of error.
It throws and exception pointing out that something inside the library tbb.dll is not found.
Furthermore, inside ADS I the see errors like :

"Error detected by hpeesofsim during Ptolemy simulation initialization `DF1'.
    Matlab_M `M1': Could not load matlab library libeng
Error detected by hpeesofsim during Ptolemy simulation wrap up `DF1'.
    Matlab_M `M1': MATLAB could not be invoked."

Now I have seen on internet that this problem is common to some other people, but I cannot really find a solution to that.

I should add that on my PC, I have three accounts, one belonging to the system administrator (so I cannot touch it), another admin account which I can use to run particular tasks, and one actually belonging to me, where I can run any program with administrator´s rights.

I have already added MATLAB´s /bin/win64 folder into the system´s path, and ADS sees this correctly (from the tools->configuration explorer). And I have already checked that the libraries libeng.dll and tbb.dll are correctly placed inside the MATLAB´s /bin/win64 folder. But I still cannot solve the problem.

Does anyone know how to solve this kind of issue?