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Measurement range

Question asked by ac on Nov 21, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by tabbott
I have a very fundamental doubt regarding measurement range.

1)First is this i couldn't understand what is range compliance.
2)I have tried to use fixed measurement range option for my sweep measurement. I define both minimum and maximum range. Is it compulsory to define these minimum and maximum values so that it only cover one measurement range. e.g. we have options for current as 10E-12, 100E-12, 1E-9, 10E-9, 100E-9, 1E-6, 10E-6, 100E-6, 1E-3, 10E-3, 100E-3, 1 A as the measurement  range. Shall we have to define only as 10E-12 to 100E-12 or we can define from anywhere to anywhere like 10E-12 to 1E-6.
3)I have seen in the manual that while defining the measurement range in fixed mode if we give only one value instead of two as the argument ( maximum ad minimum), what does it take it maximum or minimum measurement range.