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HELP: B1505A Power Device Analyzer EasyExpert Connectivity Issues

Question asked by cscansin on Nov 21, 2012
Dear Agilent Support and/or Helpful Users,

I realize the device I am using is not a network analyzer, however there does not seem to be support forums for Semiconductor Parameter/Power Analyzers.

I cannot open EasyExpert Software and cannot talk to the B1505 even when in remote mode trying to speak to it via GPIB-USB connection. 

Initially I was speaking to it through NI MAX, and was able to *IDN? Query it and use some coding from the B1500/1505A manual. During coding the software froze. Ever since then I have not been able to connect to the analyzer or even open up EasyExpert. I continually get the error: MessageID:103001
USB488 error occurred.
Alias: AgB1500A
Reason: Control Unit is Busy.

I have tried resetting the analyzer, and even refreshing the 1505 to its factory defaults. This error still occurs and I cannot use the instrument.
I have also made sure, using the Agilent Connection Software with Agilent I/O libraries 16 installed, that under the GPIB0 properties the System Controller box is checked off. 

I am at a loss for ideas and words as to how to fix this. The device is roughly worth, $150k and if something is permanently broken, I for lack of better word am completely ____ed.

The agilent applications engineers are based in US so cannot help me with this device until next week because of my good luck with timing and Thanksgiving occurring tomorrow.

If anyone has run into this problem and/or owns a B1505 and can help me get it up and running again, I do not know what I will do.

Thank You.