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Fast Communication with 81150A

Question asked by natant on Dec 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by natant
I am using a 81150A pulse generator to operate a laser.  My pulse is as follows:
Square wave
f=10kHz, meaning a period of 100usec
pulse width=4.1nsec, meaning duty cycle of 4.1m%

I want to control the laser from a computer using any way possible (USB, GPIB, LAN all work for me).

What I need to do is change the Delay parameter for every pulse, according to a random number generated by the computer, for example:
If the computer generates 1, it will send ':FUNCTION2:PULSE:DELAY 180ns'
If the computer generates 2, it will send ':FUNCTION2:PULSE:DELAY 210ns'
If the computer generates 3, it will send ':FUNCTION2:PULSE:DELAY 800ns'

1) Is there any way possible to communicate with the instrument fast enough to send the command in less than 100 usec?  So far,I have been using MATLAB and that takes at least 500usec.  I am, however, aware that for such an application, MATLAB isn't the best choice.

2) If the above is impossible, I have thought of another solution which is generating a list of X random numbers before I begin the experiment, and transferring them to the device's memory, and letting the device load them on its own, once every period.  Is the machine capable of that?

3) If both of the above are impossible, what is the fastest I can do using method number 1?

The laser pulse enters an optical system and eventually sets off 3 detectors, but that isn't relevant to my questions, as the analysis is performed by other instruments.