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IFBW setting for PNA E8361A & E8364B

Question asked by tomoey on Oct 31, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2006 by Dr_joel

What is a reasonable IFBW setting for accurate measurements?  I was recently characterizing a metrology grade adapter with K-connectors, as my preparation before I did ECAL User characerization so that I can convert my default ECAL unit of Female / Male configuration into Female / Female.


I calibrated the PNA E8346B, with ECAL / UNKNOWN THRU with different IFBW settings; [35KHz, 10KHz, 3KHz, 1KHz, 70Hz].  I noticed very different results on S21 measurements, and I felt that above 1KHz of IFBW, the corrected data were unacceptably noisy.


Is there any reasonable number anyone can suggest for this type of measurement (low loss, very electrically short device)?