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Use of 'Internal' Type Ports in Agilent's EMDS simulator

Question asked by engrvivs on Dec 7, 2012

Can someone explain me the use of uncalibrated internal port?

My current understanding states that it is used to connect the layout to any external RF SMD (like, diode, transistor, resistor, capacitor, inductor, etc.) in EM-circuit co-simulation with ADS. However, this leads to inconsistent results (refer the discussion: Issue with consistency in ADS-EMDS co-simulation results ). 

Besides, it seems it requires the ground reference for an internal port should have an "infinite" ground metallic plate (refer: Since, this is possible in Momentum and not in EMDS; thus, it seems I should NOT use internal port while simulating with EMDS.

Please clarify if I am correct with this conclusion.

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