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Programming U3606A - DMM & DC Power Supply

Question asked by morussk on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by connectivity
I have got my U3606A DMM & DC power source in one and I am looking for ways to program it using Command Expert 1.1 and Exel. My biggest problem is that Command Expert does not support U3606A instrument to partly solve this problem I am using SCPI commands from different instruments like 34411 DMM and different DC Power Sources.

I am not familiar with Visual Basic programming so I am trying to do the job in Command Expert and Exel but can anyone suggest me appropriate instruments which`s SPCI commands would be closely similar to U3606A SPCI commands?!

Biggest problems I have to find appropriate DC power source to use in Command Expert instead of my instrument....I am unable to switch on Ramp Scan, Protect, Limit, Square wave on my DC source.

Thank you!