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E2969A software and test suites

Question asked by latech on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by latech
I have an E2969A PCIe PTC card with ver. Windows tests for the PCIe 1.1 compliance tests
from the Agilent site. However, some of the link references from the literature and most of the web 
sites seem to be broken.

I am trying to install all software in XP compatibility mode under Windows 7 x64 and its seems to
install ok except the E2969A drivers when connecting remotely the USB cable to the card.
If I try to manually install the E2969A XP drivers in Add-In Card Test Mode, where should I search for 
them, since the default driver installation fails at the Windows 7 hardware detection (probably it looks for 
some Windows 7 drivers).

Are there any other software or test suites that I need to be aware from Intel or others such as PDK or
BIOS test software?