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PXA Detector

Question asked by Leyo on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by tabbott

This is regarding detector modes in PXA Spectrum analyzer mode.
Under detector menu,  we have the "Average " option with "Log/RMS/V". This average mode is selected  under measurement set up "Average type".
Let us say, I have selected average detector with Average type RMS. Here the RMS averaging is done for the sample points in the bucket and the log of this data is displayed (I am in the log display mode). Now I am doing a trace average with 10  count. Here each trace point data is  averaged with the next trace point data (RMS value of each trace point) and the   average is displayed.
Now let us say, I have selected "Average" detector with "Log" average mode. Here Log of each sample in the bucket is averaged and the average is displayed for the bucket.With trace averaging,  each trace point is averaged  and the average is displayed.

In the R&S analyzers, we can select the  RMS detector and for trace  averaging, log/lin/power options are there. I am not able to releate this with way agilent is et up. Appreciate your comments.