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Questions about PNA 8364B

Question asked by jbab on Jun 16, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2006 by jbab

i'm really new to this so please bare with me if the questions seem dumb.  i did frequency sweep and that works fine but now i want to do power sweep.  after i set up power sweep and caliberation i'm getting the LVL indicator and also a permanent text saying "leveled source".  i tried to read about it and it says that this indicator comes up when your sweep range is greater than the maximum port power of your PNA.  then it has an application where you select your model and it tells you what the max. power is.  i did that for PNA 8364B at the freq. range of 20-30 GHz and i got that the input port can handle only upto -4 dBm? is that true or am i missing something here.  i need to go up to at least 5 dBm at the input.

secondly, it's easy to get S21 vs. Pin but how can you get a curve/trace for Pout vs. Pin? i looked a lot but couldn't find.  i would think it would be pretty easy to find out.  hope you can help me out.  thanks