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Defective A3 source on 8752C, may I use 8752A parts?

Question asked by johnf4geq on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by johnf4geq

My  8752C VNA shows a defective A3 source, as confirmed by Spectrum Analyzer checks on the sma output port (less than -30 dBm at any power setting). I traced the problem(s?) to the cast aluminum RF part, YIG and cavity outputs being fine.
The last ceramic module before output (I believe the ALC detector) shows some physical damage (burns/cracks) on some black patches (resistors or capacitors?) linking some gold traces. The other modules look visually fine using a binocular, which of course doesn't me much except some hope it might be OK!.

I want to replace the defective ceramic module(s), beginning with the last (ALC detector?) stage, and then possibly the one before (amplifier?) and I have found a 8752A that I could scavenge the A3 RF ceramic modules from.

Can someone tell me if 8752A have its A3 source (or at least the ceramic modules) the same/compatible, such as I can do that?
Here-enclosed a picture of my A3 source, RF aluminum cover open.

Many thanks for yr help!
Jean-Luc - F4GEQ