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How to use computed S-Parameters in a 2-Port de-embedding component

Question asked by daras Employee on Jan 9, 2013
I am trying to setup a schematic that concatenates 2 S-Parameter blocks and I want to also deembed a 2-port s-parameter component from port 1 of this schematic.  the difficulty (or challenge) is that the S-Matrix data for the deembeding is the result of a calculation and not a pre-existing S2P file or dataset.  here is what I have attempted to do:


The equation that I want is in the var "PathDiff", but I can't figure out how to make the S2P De-Embedding component use the data from that var.  I know that this might be easier to do in a display view, but I have to repeat this process multiple times and I need to experiment with changing the underlying S-Parameter values that are in DAC1 and DAC2, so figuring out a way to do it in the schematic view will be much more convenient for what I am doing. I should also note that I am not insistent in using DAC to access the individual s-parameter blocks.  I also have separate schematics that represent each individual S2P file that I have.  So, if there is a better way to do this without the DAC component, then I am open to any suggestions.