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8751A upgraded with USB floppy emulator

Question asked by percih70 on Jan 3, 2013

My 8751A network analyzer had a faulty Sony Floppy drive, type MP-F17W H1, so I decided to change it for a USB floppy emulator.
The Sony MPF has a non standard pin out, and its further complicated by the service manual shown J16 A20 as a IDC34 connector, 
ie numbered 1-17 top row, and 18 - 34 bottom row.

Ive attached snap shots of the final modified 34 pin IDE cable and also the original Sony FDD pin out.
The replacement works well,and it was just 20usd on eBay.

The 8751A allows you to save graphic files in HPG format, and a good free viewer is the CERN HP-GL viewer.

downloaded at

as you can see from the smith chart.HPG file - the aspect ratio is out by about 20%.

This might be something that can be adjusted in the print/plot menus - but I have yet to find it,

as a work around its easy enough to re size a screen grab using your some picture software, PS, snagit, etc

The read / write speed is still floppy drive speed - but it does add a nice feature to the aging analyzer.



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