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how do I Program the 8593e or 8593a to think it has opt 026 or 027 ?

Question asked by yngvae2 on Jul 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2014 by charlesledmonds
in case i want to upgrade my 22 ghz analyzer to a 26.5 ghz analyzer with an opt 026 ytf/switch and attenuator, how do I program the 8593e 8592l or 8593a to think it has opt 26,27? I tried the 26.5 ghz initiate function in the cal flatness menu and it works great , even sweeps up to 26.5 ghz on full span, but everytime I power it off and reboot, it defaults back to 22 ghz....... anyone know how to program it in there permanently? thanks

ps the nice thing about being able to do this would allow me to extend the full span range to 26.5 ghz since it seems to perform flawlessly up to 26 ghz still in spec even without the option.