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MSO7000B series: How to consistently get 8Mpts on digital channels?

Question asked by MarkL on Jun 12, 2012
What settings will give you the full 8Mpts of memory when capturing on a digital channel on an MSO7000B series on slower horizontal speeds (I'm working with a MSO7104B specifically)?  Single shot with only one digital pod does not always do it.

It appears that the only time you get 8Mpts is if you're sampling at the maximum of 2Gsps (@ 200us/div or less).  Once you go to 500us/div it drops to 500Msps with 4Mpts captured.  Any other slower settings still only capture 4Mpts.

The analog section does not seem to have this issue and will capture the spec'd 8MPts at slower speeds.



PS - There also seems to be a bug that if you only have digital channels displayed, the Msps display doesn't get updated unless you force that part of the screen to be updated (like pressing the Back button twice).  I'm noting there hasn't been a firmware release for this series for over a year.  Has software development been capped?