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Firmware updates

Question asked by airwolf on Jun 11, 2012
Hi, I've got a U1604A 40MHz Handheld Osciloscope (blue version). I recently updated the firmware with the latest one (2.7.1b). After that I osciloscopes ch2 doesn't read waveforms correctly. The probe calibration square waveform is not square and I can't adjust it by the probes ****. Several probes (1:10, 1:100) has been tested in the same channel, ch2, and all failed. I'm sure is the right version since serial number is outside the range KR46x0000 - KR46x0999.

I want to downgrade the firmware to the previews one in case the firmware is faulty since I have read some relative symptoms in the forum. Where can I find previews updates? By searching in the product support section found only the latest (2.7.1b). 

Thank you in advance.