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Streaming data to E4438C

Question asked by tetracilin on Aug 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2010 by tetracilin

I am trying to design a system where waveform data is to be streamed continuously to E4438C signal generator for FM modulation & transmit.
The wave data is generated by a non-Agilent spectrum analyser and stream to PC via Matlab. This data is in binary format since this connection use RS232 standard. 
The system is required to operate continuously i.e. the system acts like a RF repeater.
My question then is :
- is the E4438C able to receive streaming waveform data from PC
- can the built-in arbitrary waveform generator create streaming waveform data and feed to the FM modulation
I tried to look into the programming guide & the manual of the signal generator and the Signal studio documents but there was no related data on this subject.

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